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New technology, New solutions, New possibilities await you!

Did you know that we now install and integrate a host of new Hi-Tech for Home and the Office? 


We're constantly on the lookout for new exciting technology and we're trilled to bring them to you.

One way to know what's new is right here on our home page so please keep coming back to see what else we can do for you and your business. Head over to Services to see what we can do for you.

We serve the NYC metro area, Brooklyn, Queens. In Manhattan we have experience working in luxury apartment buildings where special approval is required. Start your project with us today!

Turning heads with Digital Signage Solutions by Sound & Visual Bliss
Sound & Visual Bliss

Turning heads with Digital Signage Solutions by Sound & Visual Bliss

At Sound & Visual Bliss we provide electronics system design, engineering and integration for

new constructions, remodels and retrofit projects.  We offer design engineering, installation and integration services to the residential and commercial clientele. To GC, Architects and Developers that are looking to offer system amenities to their clients we can provide project engineering, design packages and all the support they need from start to finish. 
All our installations are designed, specified, planned and executed accurately and when it comes to challenges you can count on us for knowledge, creative thinking and problem solving skills you likely won't find elsewhere.  

We specialize in the installation and setup of various display technologies such as projection onto glass,  digital glass window treatments, 4K TV wall mounting, Motorized TV Mount Installations, 4K Projectors, 4K Laser Projectors, UST Projectors and Smart Board Systems,  Digital Signage Systems, Dedicated Home Theaters, Whole House Music Systems, Distributed Audio, Commercial BGM PA systems for bars and restaurants, Interactive and screen share presentation systems, HD security cameras, IOT/Smart Home Device Integration, Home Automation, Network Structured Wiring Design and Cabling, High Speed WiFi with iMash, Wireless Access Points and more.

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