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When it comes to selling or renting luxury homes these days, more and more real estate agents and builders are turning to technology as a big selling point.  In fact, most luxury homes these days feature some degree of home automation and with whole home audio visual integration becoming almost expected in the luxury home market it's no wonder that a home with these amenities is poised to rip all the marketing benefits along with exceeding client expectations and increased perceived value.

It's been our goal since the very beginning to bringing together audio/visual/it and architectural design elements to new home constructions and remodels while ensuring that the integration of systems will incorporate favorably while delivering the best solution. If you're a builder, developer or architect looking to incorporate AV, IT and Smart Home elements to current or future projects, we can assist you with all aspects and phases of the build. See below for a in depth description of the build phases.

As part of our service we provide valued input to design discussions & planning by addressing concepts like sight lines, audibility, lighting, equipment concealment, power requirements, cable routing, furniture design and other challenges that are part of each AV build project. It’s an invaluable aspect of working together with other cross-functional teams with the goal to achieve the best possible results.  

Following are some of the phases we cover during a new construction or remodel project:

  • Consulting

  • Budgeting, Proposing & Sign-Off 

  • System Design, Project Specification and Engineering 

  • BOM, Parts & Equipment Selection

  • Structured Wiring/Network Infrastructure design and implementation

  • Wiring and rough-in phase

  • Device Installation

  • Programming

  • Commissioning

  • Customer Training  

We look forward to discussing your project and building a great business relationship.  

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your next project

Client Consultation:

We meet with the clients to listen to His/Her requirements then provide advice to help them make a sound and informed decision to meet their specific goals.


System Design:

The design phase starts and a proposal is written up. This serves as a road map for discussing in depth details of the project and getting a final system design and proposal approval. 


Planning & Project Management:

System plans are reviewed for the first time through an on-site meeting with the builder (General Contractors) and the client where the goal is to review a specific plan idea and make any necessary adjustments. This is also an opportunity for team building since everyone’s input matters and all things are taken in consideration before a finalized design is prepared.

From new construction to renovation to addition and alteration, Sound & Visual Bliss has worked in partnership with general contractors to achieve project objectives.

We believes that a consistent line of communication between the general contractor and subcontractor is extremely important for any project and remains dependable throughout the process from award to completion. This dependability is achieved through assignment of a dedicated project manager to oversee the audiovisual systems portion of the project. The AV project manager attends the necessary construction meetings, and is involved in scheduling and interfacing with other trades.


Sound & Visual Bliss makes every effort possible to maintain the established target dates even if changes or alterations to the schedule occur from the activities of other trades. Adherence to schedule and flexibility in responding to changes characterize Sound & Visual Bliss’s ability to react and to complete the project on time. Sound & Visual Bliss’s goal, similar to that of the general contractor, is to ensure a smooth and continuous progress toward on time, under-budget completion and delivery.


Wiring schematics | punch list | pull chart:

After the final AV System Design is approved a detailed wiring diagram and pull chart is prepared and reviewed during a walk-though with the builder, electrician and Low Voltage contractor. This is also the phase where most of the Audio and Visual component locations is determined and marked on site. All power requirements, LV outlets, speaker location etc. will be followed with rough-in bracket installation for the Low Voltage contractor to land the wires. Depending on the size of the project, this phase usually requires more than one meeting.


BOM, Equipment Part-List Procurement & Shopping services:

We specialize in professional grade audio visual products that are carefully selected to meet our AV System Plans. We shop and assist the client with ordering from a centralized shopping cart directly from the vendors. This is a service that no other AV company provides and it achieves 2 big goals: The first is allowing us the freedom to design a highly effective system without being restricted to brand and product limitations. The entire consumer electronics market is available to us so we can select according to design plan and budget. The second big plus is obviously saving the client money by allowing him/her to place the order directly from a vendor. No markups, unlimited product selection and highest value.


After all AV related wiring is checked, the initial phase of the installation starts. Our job is to manage these phases and assist the builder and contractors from the rough-in to the final phase of the installation as specified on the AV System Plan.   

We look forward to discussing your project and to building a great business relationship.  Please contact us today.

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