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device setup


Let us properly configure all your Apple devices so that they become part of a well integrated Apple eco-system: Mac, iPad, iPhone, iCloud, Mail & Note, iCal, Contacts, Photo Stream, Documents & Data, Apple-TV, iTunes. 

We can create a custom setup that will boost productivity through a selection of Apps that will seamlessly integrate with all your devices.

Properly set up all your apple devices with iCloud and keep everything working properly, backing up and syncronizing all your iOS devices and even syncing automatically and wirelessly with your iTunes library.

Share a calendar or address book with staff members, an assistant or even your nanny or partner in life. With so many ways to configure devices, Apps and features, the're virtually no limits toi what can be done in any given environment.  



Getting Started with Mac | iPad | iPhoneWe'll get you up to speed on the fundamentals of Mac OS X Operating system along with a custom selection of apps that will streamline your busy life.Learn how to be more productive with Mail, Calendars, Address Book and Safari as well as getting the most out of your iPad & iPhone.Making calls, sending emails, reminders, notes, calendar events & scheduling appointments as well as opening PDFs and other cross platform documents. Learrn all the iWork Fundamentals like Pages (to open and edit word docs), Numbers (to open and edit spreadsheets) and Keynote (to open and create presentations like PowerPoint) or Bento to get it all organized these are just a few among many pieces of the puzzle that can revolutionize the way you work and stay organized.   

maintenance & upgrades


Keeping your devices and apps running smoothly and up to date  

Apple devices are so well designed and famous for being reliable and easy to use.

We want to keep it that way and that's why it is very important to maintain all these devices up to date and interconnected. 

As new products and models are being released we will assist you with the upgrade, migration and integrations.

From system diagnostics to software updates we will assist you with all the necessary steps to keep your precious equipment running smoothly and helping you work at your full potential. 


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