Sound & Visual Bliss is NYC One Stop Shop for all your Home Audio and Video needs.

We specialize in installation of Home Theaters and Whole House Audio systems that integrate with iOS devices (like iPad, iPhone and Apple TV) as well as Android Tablets and Smart Phones. By integration we mean 2 things: the first is being able to control most funcions via an AV control App, the second is being able to stream from within the system App or to it.

Our goal is to understand your lifestyle, music listening needs & taste then custom-craft a solution to make music and video enjoyment accessible and convenient to you and your family.

We work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, Electricians as well as Carpenters on projects where team effort is key to achieving the ultimate results.

If you are planning on adding or replacing a Home Theater then consider adding a Whole House Audio option. Typical systems can be very expensive but we make it affordable with smart design and clever installation options along with shopping assistance that can save you money on the right AV gear and various components. If you are located in the New York City metro area one of our Pro Home Theater installer in NYC will assist you with designing and realizing your dream system from A-to-Z.

Let us design, shop and install your new Home Enetertainment system, Home Theater, Whole House Audio and anything AV.

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