My name is Emanuele and I am the founder of Sound & Visual Bliss, a NYC based business specializing in Home Theater & Whole House Audio. Being this my very first blog, it is important that I not only introduce myself, but also explain the unique business model that started this company and what really sets it apart from anything else.

So here it goes...

In addition to the myriad of services available to our clients, at the core of our business is a passion for excellence combined with the experience and dedication that delivers a valuable no nonsense approach to cater to all your home electronics, Sound and Visual entertainment & integration requirements. To us, every project is as unique as the individual that seeks our services and regardless of the size of the undertaking we can implement a plan specific to your requirements with the right advice, in less time and without the hassles.

"Our specialty is to cover all the steps necessary to provide the consumer with great results at almost any budget. But what really sets us apart from most installation companies is our unique One-Stop-Shop business model"

This is how:

We have a passion for Home Theater design & integration, shopping & sourcing and installation of the latest and best Audio & Video gear on the market. We wanted to being able to do it all without being tied to things like:

• Limitations to what brand of electronics we can carry or stock

• Product margins

• Cost of Warehousing

• Selling, warranties, customer service and the likes

• Closing out outdated gear every 6 months

• ...I think you got the gist

Most importantly, when we started planning and structuring our business, we realized that we had to be great at what we do but also offer a shopping experience that no other company in the industry was offering.

So instead of forging relationships with some electronics manufacturers and having to invest millions of dollars in stoking and warehousing products and then selling them, we decided to create a Shopping Platform that would allow us to source virtually any product from any manufacturer and then neatly present the client with a personalized shopping cart for them to place the order and let them save time and money while doing so.

And although we would not be making a profit from the conventional sale of electronics, to us being able to focus more on design, shopping and installation services while providing clients with unprecedented unbiased product recommendations, big saving and the online shopping convenience they have come to expect from Amazon.com was really the perfect formula. Amazon is arguably the most trusted and largest online marketplace with a distribution network that's impossible to compete with. They sell millions of brand name AV related products, they have outstanding customer service and because they are the best at what they do, we decided to leverage their strengths, leave the selling to the pro's and focus on what we do best ourselves.

"Today we can say that Sound & Visual Bliss is the home of the one and only One-Stop-Shop for the AV entusiast. The Go To Place for consultation, product recommendations, personal shopping assistance, custom designed Audio & Video solutions, Design & Planning and installation of a wide range of Audio & Video Gear"

As a result, our custom Home Theater and Whole House Audio systems are not designed around a particular available product but they are designed around you.

We stretch our creative minds and provide clients with any possible system design choice.

Each day we look up new products and source them for our clients so starting a blog and having a conversation about some of the newest, perhaps most interesting and noteworthy electronics and Audio Video gear is a something we've been wanting to do.

In the following days we will start hand picking products and offer our observations and commentary. In the meantime, you can browse our hand picked recommendations for TV AND AUDIO & VIDEO GEAR as well as our LATEST GADGETS selections.

We look forward to this exciting new journey and to build trust, support and loyalty with our followers.

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