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Let Sound & Visual Bliss design and install your new Intelligent Home System.  By leveraging our design skills, creative thinking, wide product knowledge and technical expertise we are able to provide you with personalized solutions that redefines the meaning of custom. With each project you will work with an AV designer, installer and a personal shopper to custom craft the system of your dreams, shop for components, install and integrate according to plans. With most new build or remodel projects we work with your architects, interior designer, general contractor or builder following each phase of the construction or remodel while assuring that all parties follow and execute their work according to our AV System design and plans.

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Sound & Visual Bliss is the expert in IOT (Internet of things) smart home integration and automation. 

Take control of your Lights, HVAC, Surveillance Cameras, AV and so much more. 

With thousands of products and different communication standards like Z-Wave, ZigBee and Wi-Fi it has been virtually impossible in the past to integrate and centralize control of different home automation devices until now. With the introduction of multy standards capable hubs it's now possible to control and program different devices under one controller & brain. But how good are any of these devices without a well thought out design, setup and programming? That's where smart designing and programming really comes into place and this is where we can make a diffference. In the coming days we will be bringing to you some examples of Smart Home Environments that we're working on.

The possibilities are endless and these are just some of the award winning brands and products that are being currently integrated.

SONOS | Philips Hue |  WEMO Switches | Logitech Harmony | Amazon Alexa | Google Voice | GE Switches, Dimmers, Light & Appliace Control Autlets | Wireless Locks | Motion, Temperature, Leaks, Floods, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Door & Window sensors and many more can be found here.


Please contact us to discuss your next project and to learn what we can do for you.

Smart Devices
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