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On installation day the customer is responsibility to: 
A) Ensure that all items/parts necessary for the installation are available to the technician and that they are accessible and located in the immediate area where the installation is to take place. 
B) That the physical installation site is adequate to properly house the product and any components. 
C) That the availability of adequate power to properly run the product and any components is already in place. 
D) That furniture and any other object (large or small) are clear of the work area. 


Wiring installed by others: 
A) 20A circuits at main system location. 
B) AC outlet at each TV location. If wall are to be wall mounted then an AC outlet must be installed behind each TV.
C) Data cables to be wired, labeled and pin tested as per the system plan. 
D) Speaker wire to be wired and labeled as specified as per the system plan. 


Cabinets: (by others):
Any custom wall areas, enclosures or cabinet designs and/or shop drawings that are being considered to hold audio/video equipment or speakers must be submitted to us for approval before construction of the units. Do not assemble custom cabinets without consideration for proper ventilation, cabling and space requirements, etc. as the outcome of the head-end installation cannot be guaranteed without such approval. 


Conduit & trenching: (by others):
Conduit for outdoors speakers and earth trenching for conduit (if applicable) are to be supplied by other contractors. Conduit required: 1”PVC min., dedicated for AV cables. 


Cement Core hole drilling & floor/ceiling concrete channeling: (by others):
Core holes or floor/ceiling channel work for wires (if applicable) are to be supplied by other contractors or at additional charge. 


Installation of system in-wall wiring: 
Systems pre-wire labor & bulk materials to be provided by others at additional cost. If you require assistance with purchasing bulk material we will add these parts to your shopping assistance shopping list. We will provide system wire pull charts, system wire schematics, and supporting documents for systems wiring. We will provide technical support with regard to product info needed by the applicable sub-contractor. 


Project Site meetings: 
We will provide site-meeting support as follows to AV consultant, owner & wire sub-contractors. 2 site visits are included with the quote. Additional on site meetings can be scheduled but may be subject to our 1 man hour field rate.

•Preliminary walk through meeting to choose device locations • Site coordination meeting with wire sub-contractor to discuss wire plan and system document details • Post pre-wire inspection with AV consultant & wire sub-contractor for QC
•AV consultant and/or Homeowner meetings as needed to assure a quality project outcome during the course of the project such as post sheet-rock inspection with AV consultant for QC Site meeting with applicable HVAC, Pool, or other sub-contractor that requires coordination with regard to the AV & automation integration project Site meeting to plan/discuss main system equipment locations if needed.


Installation of system & in-wall/ceiling devices: 

We will provide installation of the following equipment:
•All finish electronic devices and speakers included in this quote
•All system equipment into a finished system rack or AV closet.
•Interface of Owner provided cable boxes as specified into our system.

Installation that results in multiple trips due to construction schedule (such as multiple construction phases running simultaneously, and/or limited wire or building access) may result in additional charges. Insulated or walls with finish sheetrock material installed are "retrofit" in nature. Retrofit labor prices (if applicable) are based on 1 hour installation timeframe per wire run and are subject to additional charge based on difficulty encountered during the installation and time required to complete the installation. Retrofit (existing walls) wiring may require notching holes for wire access. Wall repair, wall finish coat, & paint, etc., is to be provided by others at additional cost. Pricing in this proposal covers installation of all listed equipment only.  

Additional equipment installation requests will be billed on a time and materials basis unless specified otherwise. Changes in equipment models during the project may require the use of alternative equipment at different cost. In the event of a model change, if your system equipment has not yet been ordered, we will automatically update the shopping list and system plan to a new model/s at a similar cost if available. 


Existing cables/wires or equipment: (By others):
Existing wires are to be satisfactory for system installation. Defective or insufficient cable for safe/proper operation of the equipment specified from our system design plan must be replaced or repaired. Defective cabling can cause damage to equipment, which is not covered under warranty. Existing equipment (if applicable) is to be fully operational and compatible with our equipment. Servicing existing equipment that is defective after installation will be additional cost.  We will not be responsible for defective existing equipment under any circumstances. 


Cable TV and/or DSS satellite signals and equipment (if applicable): 
DSS and/or Cable TV “active” signal and applicable equipment are to be provided by your cable TV or DSS service provider. Customer must have your cable box/satellite receiver with its remote control functional prior to system installation and program. Incoming DSS/TV/CATV signals (to be supplied by others) are to be in proper operating condition from home service entry point to the system location. Troubleshooting incoming signal cables is additional cost. 


Network & signals and equipment (if applicable): 
Network “active” service signal and applicable equipment are to be provided by your service provider. Customer must have functional computer modem & router 'on-line' prior to installation and program. Troubleshooting incoming network signal is additional cost. Wireless network reception from access points (WAP's) is subject to home construction conditions and reception may vary due to wall construction, insulation, materials type, and other interference conditions. Additional WAP equipment may need to be provided beyond equipment listed in this quote depending on actual conditions encountered and wireless network signal strength desired. 


System Programming: 
Programing is based on control of only those products listed in this quote. Other programming items like adding macros are additional. 


You must save your original equipment boxes & packaging for a minimum of 30 days to be able to return equipment to the merchant from whom it was purchased from and/or for warranty or replacement. We recommend that you save major component boxes/packing for at least the entire warranty period of the product. Since you are purchasing equipment and parts from other vendors, please refer to the individual component warranty as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Manufacturers do not warrant the installation or re-installation labor of a product in your home. 
For service and maintenance visits our standard hourly field rate applies for time spent for service to your system including removing and/or re-installing a component or program due to a defective component manufactured by others.  


Contractor/homeowner is responsible for coordinating our installations with construction schedule, and allowing adequate time for pre-wire of LV devices after the electrical phase of pre-wire, if applicable. Please call us to confirm schedule & pre-wire time required. Electronic system installations require substantial preparation on-site and behind the scene at our facility. Project completion date is subject to change and is not be dependent on any special event or holiday event date unless that date is agreed upon in writing as part of this agreement.

Proposal and Project Specification:

Proposal prices are valid for 14 days unless a different arrangement has been made in writing with a signed copy of your system proposal on file. All pre-installation fees are not refundable. Upon receipt of payment, a final design draft of the proposed system will be prepared and specified along with a part list from other suppliers or vendors. In the event that an item becomes unavailable it will be replaced with a comparably similar product. Please note that upon delivery a shopping list, all order/s for parts must be placed with the designated vendor/s and in a timely manner to avoid the risk of incurring into any product shortage and/or price increase issues. Because each proposal is designed to meet specific requirements some terms may differ from project to project. The terms herein included will be overridden by the terms included in a signed proposal and project specification. Please refer to your proposal and project specification for details. 

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